Our Sponsors

     Without the rigorous support of our corporate friends the Chasch Mer projects would be scaled down and not nearly as much fun!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to our ’09 sponsors

  • Roy's Restaurants Hawaii
  • JamsWorld & Surf Line Hawaii
  • Inter-Island Solar


Roy's Restaurants

2007 Transpac Sponsor Stags' Leap at the starting gate.
Contact Gib at 808-531-4277


Roy's Restaurants Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are an eclectic and harmonious blending of Pacific,
Asian and European influences. Chef Roy Yamaguchi has managed to capture
this unique heritage with his inventive Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, creating
masterpieces of flavor. Using only the freshest ingredients-usually grown or
caught right here in the islands, Roy continuously re-imagines the flavors
of the islands with exotic combinations of European sauces and styles, bold
Asian spices and artful presentation.

Although the Roy's restaurant group has grown to over 30 locations
worldwide, it all began in Hawaii and the influence of the islands can be
seen in every dish. Visit Roy's while in Hawaii, you can find them on Oahu,
Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.



Surf Line Hawaii

What a great group this is…full of life and fun. Our crew uniforms set us apart on any dock anywhere anytime because of the imagination of those at Surf Line. Also checkout the new Transpac aloha shirt with the big shot of Chasch Mer and some of her sisters.


Engines being as reliable or unreliable as they are we felt this year a little back-up power would be better than a shot in the dark, so------ we are pleased Hawaii's leading supplier of solar and photovoltaic components, Inter-Island Solar Supply, has hopped onboard. Homes and commercial buildings are empowered with Inter-Island Supply's clean energy products. That's why Hawaii's developers, contractors and construction design community have relied on their innovative energy solutions and unmatched technical staff since 1975.


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