The Boat

 Commissioned by Randy Parker, of Santa Cruz, Chasch Mer is THE first of this ULDB design.  As the first she is a prototype and purported to be a little lighter and fairer.  She is the only SC50 with foam core (all others are balsa wood core).  Her cabin is 4' shorter than the others which gives her a 2' longer foredeck and 2' longer cockpit. She originally had no opening cabin-top hatch, no private head, 3 windows at the forward end of the cabin (not one), 4 windows on each cabin side (not 2), there is no forepeak double bunk, there are 2 pipe berths under the settees and 3 water tanks under the the raised main cabin floor.

2013 Lahaina Race

Hulls number 1, 2 & 4 differ from the rest of the production fleet with: shorter/boxier cabins, longer foredeck, no combing cockpits, and very basic cabin interior with open head area.  She was designed by The Wizard (Bill Lee), really built in a chicken coop in the Santa Cruz hills.

For the 2009 Transpac we celebrated Chasch Mer’s 30th year anniversary in racing.  What a party!

Cover of original sales brochure